Natural Health

Natural Health AlternativesFor our convenience, we always have these handy medicine kits or pill boxes where just pick whatever pill we need at the moment. Pain killers, supplements, energy boosters, and of course, antibiotics! We are always after fast relief and convenience.

But do you know that bacteria and other infectious organisms evolve in so fast a rate compared to human beings that they develop into antibiotic-resistant organisms in so short a time? When we take antibiotic every time we feel discomfort or every time we get sick, we let our bodies depend on outside help to kill the bad bacteria, we'll let our bodies grow weaker and less efficient that we wouldn't be able to fight germs on our own anymore. The dependence on antibiotics will also make us take those pills whenever we need them causing immunization to the germs. According to the experts, there will come a time when most of the bacteria would be immune to our medicines that it would be too hard to make medicines that will kill them.

As early as now, we are, therefore advised to make our bodies healthier so that we could fight bad foreign bodies instead of taking pills to kill them. By making our bodies healthier, we hinder bacteria's chances to evolve themselves into more difficult health enemies. Furthermore, when we get sick, it would be better for us to eat more fruits and vegetables and take some herb antibiotics than buy synthetic antibiotics. Fruits and vegetables and herbs are very rich in nutrients that will make our bodies healthy enough to protect us from diseases. Natural foods and medicines may sound too ancient to us. But, back to the basics, these are the best for us. Nature has its own way of sustaining itself and it has its own special way of healing us. Since natural foods and medicines are purely taken in, they provide not only the specific nutrients we particularly need at a certain time but also what we will need in order to utilize or absorb those main nutrients.